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Surah al-Kaafiroon completed. Alhamdulillah! :-)


more contributions from sister (surah al-kaafiroon done). 
may Allah accept from her & may her reward for this be from Allah alone. say ameen.

SURAH 109 - Al-Kaafiroon

Qul. Baat. page 169.
- qawl: 18:19, 58:8, 19:34
Any speech, whether meaningful or not, whether from the heart or as a figure of speech.
- hadees: 65:1, 39:23, 23:44
A new saying which is not known to the common man.
- kalima: 23:100, 18:109, 39:19
Only meaningful speech, Allah's orders and the wonders of nature etc.

Ya (word for calling). Aye. page 166.
- Ya: 2:40, 3:33
Commonly used for addressing someone.
- Ayyuha: 55:31, 39:64. Ayyatuha (feminine): 12:70.
Ya & Ayyuha used together for emphasis.
ex: Ya Ayyuhan Nabi: 33:50. Ya Ayyuhan Naas: 2:21.
  Also both used with "Ya Ayyuhal lazeena" ex: 5:90
  Ya Ayyatuha: 89:27 (Ya Ayyatuhan Nafsul Mutmainna)

Kaafiroon. page 929.
From "Religions & Sects" Appendix 1 / 10
1- Muslimeen: 22:78
Muslim is one who accepts the call of a prophet
2- Mumineen: 49:14
Momin is one whose imaan has become strong & entered his heart. Next stage of Islam.
3- kuffar: 2:6
kafir is one who rejects the call of a prophet, belonging to any religion.
4- munafiqeen: 4:144
munafiq is one who outwardly accepts Islam but at heart he is a kafir & his loyalties lie with the unbelievers.
5- mushrikeen: 12:106
mushrik is one who believes that besides Allah, there are others too, who are capable of causing gain or loss and 
who should be worshipped (eg: angels, jinn, idols, sun, moon etc).
They are found in all sects, even among Muslims & Mu'mins.
6- yahoodi: disciples of hadrath moosa (alaihis salaam)
7- nasaara: disciples of hadrath Isa (alaihis salaam) and believers in their holy book - Bible. 5:82, 3:52.
8- majoos: worshippers of sun & fire. so called disciples of hadrath Nuh (alaihis salaam). 
Enmity towards all other prophets. They believe there are two gods: one for good & one for evil (neki & badi).
god of good is called Yazdan; god of evil is called Aharman. Their holy books are called Zand & Oastha.
9- sabi'een: worshippers of the star, who put hadrath Ibrahim (alaihis salaam) into fire.
They too claim to be disciples of hadrath Nuh (alaihis salaam) and deny all other prophets. 22:17.

Deen. page 968.
From "Alfaz thawil Azdaad" (appendix 3/1).
Deen: 39:3, 2:193, 12:76, 1:4, 56:87.
This is one of the words with two meanings; both are the opposites of one another.
Ex: Deen means total authority & control and total submission& degradation. 39:3, 2:193.
It also means the rules & the authority to judge & to reward or punish. 12:76, 1:4, 56:87.
(Deen = custom, institution, religion, the true faith, obedience, judgement = literary meaning)


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