Saturday, 26 May 2012

Surah al-falaq - part1

Assalaamuaalikum all,

Forwarding a sisters contribution. Please pray that Allah accepts from her and rewards her immensely. ameen. may all our efforts be for His sake alone. ameen.

Sura 113 Al-Falaq
Breaking/tearing: phaadna - page 302 (click to see the book page, topic# 32)

1. kharaqa: to rend, make a hole in. to disfigure something.
Reference: 18:71

2. qadda: to rend lengthwise
Reference: 12:25

3. faTara: to split, create
Reference: 67:3, 30:30

4. fajara: to cause water to pour forth, to rend in a broad way
Reference: 17:91, 18:33

5. makhara: to plough the waves witha  dashing noise.
reference: 16:14

6. shaqqa: to split, cleave a hard substance with great difficulty.
Reference: 80:26

7. falaqa: to split & divide an inanimate thing into two halves; daybreak.
reference: 26:63, 6:95, 6:96

8. faraqa: to split & divide something into many parts
reference: 2:50

9. mazzaqa: to tear in pieces and destroy.
reference: 34:19

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