Saturday, 26 May 2012

Surah al-Falaq - completed Alhamdulillah

walaikumussalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu all,

more contributions from sister. She has completed all remaining surah al-Falaq words (and did an-Naas earlier) Alhamdulillah. :-)
May Allah accept from her. ameen.
ps: Fyi to all. her feedback paraphrased: 'this bite-sized approach is lot better. previous one felt overwhelming. once this reviewed, will do more inshaAllah'

pps: IT help needed to put these up on website. add arabic.

Darkness / Tareekhi chaana. page 337
3as3asa: twilight of morning or evening. reference: 81:17
ghasaqa: the commencement of night.reference: 17:78
ghatasha: so dark that things are not visible clearly. reference: 79:29
waqaba: when things disappear in darkness. reference: 113:3
saja: tranquility & darkness of late night. reference: 93:2
Azlama (zulmath): common word for darkness whether of night or due to other reasons. reference: 2:20

when / jab. page 381
ith: 2:30. used for past. if, when, then, at that time.
itha: 2:14, 81:1. used for future. behold, if, when.
ithan: 29:48. then, in that case.
lamma: 12:96. an adverb meaning when or after that, would appear to be noun of action.
kullama: 2:87. used to encompass many things.

blowing / phoonkna. phoonk marna. page 312
nafakha: 3:49. to blow with the mouth (common usage) breathe.
naqara: 74:8. to blow an instrument (like trumpet) or blow into a hollow thing.
nafasa: 113:4. to blow on knots; a kind of incantation.
atfa'a: 61:8. to blow a candle or extinguist a fire.


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