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WRITING: Book Index1 entries at a glance

Assalamu3alaikum waRahmatullahi waBarakatuhu all,

Bismillah... Alhamdulillah wassalaatu wassalaamu 3alaa Rasulillah. Sallellahu 3laihi wasallam. May Allah enable us to begin & end this project with His name and make our efforts purely for His sake. Ameen.

Snapshot of the # of entries in book

In this part of the project, we are planning to simply write out the Arabic synonyms from the first index. This index is ordered according to the urdu alphabet, but people who can read Arabic (and don't know Urdu) can still get involved.


اّ    29
ا    51
ب    80

پ    59
ت    34

ت    8
ث    2
ج    28

چ    29
ح    15
خ    21
د    36

ڈ    10
ذ    6
ر    21
ز    10
س    30
ش    15
ص    5
ض    1
ط    7
ظ    3
ع    13
غ    9
ف    14
ق    18
ك    46

گ    27
ل    17
م    48
ن    33
و    4
ه    17
ى    4 
Urdu Pages 11 - 34 |English PDF Pages: 29-53 
see: )

search page 29 on the page box or on the downloaded book. 

Totally achievable inshallah, with Allah's help. Salaam.

The letters highlighted in;

Red - will be doing by bro QD.

Green by ahmad gujarati.

Blue by LM.

Purple by sister Amat Allah. (she intends to translate them from Arabic directly to English [she doesn't know Urdu.])

 This work is quite extensive, and therefore has no deadline - so if anyone wants to share the burden with us - please comment or email us to tell us how much you want to help with.

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